Why Consult a Dietitian?

Conventional medical care has trained patients to be passive recipients of medication, rather than active participants in their own care. As practitioners, part of our job is to shift this paradigm in our patients’ minds. We do that by educating them about lifestyle change, setting realistic expectations, and most importantly, providing them with the support they need to “stay on course.”

This is where health coaching can be tremendously effective.

A well-trained dietitian can help patients find their own internal motivation for change, so they’re more likely to stick with the protocol. A win-win, because better results mean a happier patient and a happier dietitian.



one month, two months, or three months of unlimited nutrition support, followed by a customized maintenance program. 


  • initial consultation (1.5-2 hours)
  • unlimited follow up sessions (most patients come in once per week)
  • unlimited phone and email support
  • personalized meal plan tailored to your needs
  • in-home cooking classes
  • grocery store tours
  • unlimited access to books, recipes and cookbooks
  • handouts and materials regarding dietary needs

Schedule a Phone Call

Get to know me better and have your questions answered.

By the end of the call you will:

1. Understand your obstacles and which program is best for you 

2. Get an estimate on how long it will take to reach your goals

3. Discuss program details and any additional support