Nutrition Services


Private Counseling

Sign up for one-on-one counseling sessions where you can receive the personalized care that you need to achieve your goals. Discuss mindful eating and some of the factors that are holding you back. Receive cooking tips, recipes, restaurant item suggestions and have your nutrition related questions answered within 24 hours through email any day between sessions. 



virtual Counseling

If you prefer to receive one-on-one counseling over video-chat or telephone, this option is available for you. With a busy schedule, I can make our counseling sessions accessible through virtual communication. 



Cooking Classes

Cooking healthy food does not need to be complex, it just takes a few simple ingredients. Learn how to make delicious meals, get the best use out of your freezer, and stock up your pantry with healthy kitchen essentials. You'll be setting the table in no time!

Why are Cooking Classes an Essential Investment?


Kitchen Consulting

Do you feel that your kitchen is not equipped for a healthier lifestyle? Being prepared can help you start taking action and moving in the right direction. From reviewing the nutrition labels on the products in your pantry, to replacing them with whole grains and healthy snacks, your kitchen can impact your health greatly.


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Grocery Store Tour

Many individuals struggle with understanding nutrition labels and picking out appropriate foods for their specific needs. Learn to navigate around the grocery store and leave with everything you need, even while on a budget.



Food Sensitivity Testing

Are you suffering from a stubborn health problem that simply will not go away? Sensitivities are a type of inflammatory reaction that is different than food allergies. Medical research has shown that sensitivities to food and food-chemicals can be involved in a wide array of painful symptoms and chronic health problems.



Body Fat Measurement

Track your progress in the most accurate way. Often times, working out can cause initial weight gain from muscle mass and this can be very daunting. Fortunately, you can know how much weight in fat, muscle and water your body is composed of to keep you on track and headed toward your goals. 


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